Your student member benefits

All optometry students are associate members of the College. And that means you have access to loads of really useful benefits and services – completely free of charge. Make sure you are making the most of them…

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Hundreds of placement opportunities on the pre-reg jobs board.

Independent, multiple and hospital practices across the UK use our jobs board to advertise their placements up to three years ahead. Start looking now to find the one that’s right for you.

Still looking for a pre-reg position? Look no further! The jobs board has lots of key openings all in one place. Every once in a while, I check for new postings that appeal to me, like the placement at Moorfields, and I feel they provide a lot of more information than you get elsewhere.

Andrew Gertis Student rep, City, University of London

Clinical management guidelines – the source of reliable, up-to-date, evidence-based information on diagnosing and managing a range of conditions. 

And the Clinical Managment Guidelines couldn’t be easier to access online - perfect for practicals, projects and revision.

CMGs are your one-stop-shop for managing ocular diseases. The guidelines have most information about diseases in one place. They are a really great study aid for modules such as introductory ocular disease and clinical ophthalmology, and convenient to have open together with a textbook and lecture notes.

Euan Brown Student rep, Glasgow Caledonian University


Access to more than 6,000 optometric books and journals – possibly the largest collection in the UK. 

If you’re working on a specific project, struggling to find a particular article, or just doing some extra reading or revision, we are bound to have the books or journals you need - accessible online or on loan from our library in London.

There is access to so much interesting optometry-related literature, it is silly not to make use of it!

Zahra Iqbal Student rep, Aston University


The latest research, analysis and opinion from your profession. 

Optometry in Practice is the quarterly practice-based journal for College members. Each edition brings you the latest research, analysis and opinion on a range of topics from ocular physiology and low vision to dementia and the latest NICE guidelines. Copies are available via your university departments and online.


Online image databases.

If you are looking for images for your lecture, presentation or report, we may be able to help.  We've built up a varied collection of photos available in a range of formats.

I use the collections to search for the different eye conditions related to a particular lecture, so I know what I should look for during an eye examination. As a student, it is quite rare to see any abnormal cases whilst testing your peers, but using the image collections, I can explore a variety of ocular conditions, which will be beneficial when seeing real patients for the first time.

Viktorija Valicka Student rep, Cardiff University


Bargain book buys!  

As a College member you qualify for a 25% discount on Elsevier books and a half price subscription to Optician magazine – essential reading for all optometrists. To save even more money, or make a little money, why not make use of our Book swap service? There are some real bargains to be had. 


Live webinars.

Our live webinars bring leading experts on a range of topical issues and conditions to your screen – wherever you find yourself.  There’s usually an opportunity to ask questions 

Online talks are interesting live lectures to watch and listen to. Some will take a unique spin on particular topics that, as a student, you are yet to stumble upon.

Sam Mckenzie Student rep, Portsmouth University 


Exclusive Guidance app.

The Guidance for Professional Practice is the go-to reference for all optometrists, helping them to apply the GOC standards in their daily practice. It is also very useful for students, helping to develop your professionalism, which is relevant to everything you are learning.  

The Guidance provides a very quick and easy method to find detailed advice, as well as the standards expected of optometrists, and can be useful in all areas of practice. It’s very simple to use, contains a huge amount of information, and you can rely on the guidance to be correct. The links are extremely useful if you’re after a little more information, or if you want to reference the original source for an assignment.

Geoff Filmore Student rep, Plymouth University


Filmed ethical scenarios to build your professional skills. 

Test your knowledge and reactions to challenging workplace situations using our filmed ethical scenarios - then find out what the experts would do.

We don’t come across any of these scenarios or situations in real life as students, so being able to test how we would react to a certain situation really helps us prepare ourselves for everyday practice.

Saabrien Ahmed Student rep, Manchester University


Prescribing information on all drugs currently available to optometrists.

Need a little help with your pharmacology studies? The Optometrists Formulary is reliable, easy-to-use and packed with up-to-date information on drugs for patients’ eye conditions. 

If in doubt, check the formulary on your college account! It’s easy to use and is an efficient way of finding out information on ophthalmic drugs from a reliable source. It has really helped me understand my Pharmacology module at university.

Cassie Whelan Student rep, Anglia Ruskin University


World-renowned eye health experts at a location near you.

Our regular regional events include fascinating and informative lectures given by leading figures from across the eye health sector. They are also a great opportunity to meet with the College team and do a bit of networking. 

Student rep blogs.

OK, maybe strictly speaking the student rep blogs aren’t a benefit, but they are a brilliant resource for students – full of wise advice and great ideas on life at university.

I really enjoy reading about other students’ experiences with optometry at other universities, as well as their advice and opinions on things that matter to me, like joining the OpSOc or where to do my pre-reg placement. Reading the blogs allows us, as students, to reflect and perhaps make changes to the way we might initially do things.

Raven Sinnathamby Student rep, Portsmouth University