Pre-reg placement and career support

Searching for a pre-reg placement? Thinking about your career but not sure which path to take? Looking for tips and advice on CVs, interviews and landing your perfect job? Look no further!

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We have real life case studies, expert advice and, of course, the College pre-reg jobs board, which is regularly updated, and has hundreds of vacancies in community practices and hospitals across the UK and up to three years ahead. 

Scheme for Registration

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Pre-reg jobs board

The College pre-reg jobs board is ideal for candidates and employers - and completely free of charge.

Expert tips on finding a pre-reg placement

Before you can start on the Scheme for Registration, you need to sort a placement and a supervisor – and the earlier you apply, the better.

Hospital vs community practice

Thinking about your career but not sure which path to take? We asked three newly qualified optometrists to tell us a little about where they work.

Volunteering overseas

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to travel the world, make new friends and, most importantly, help in the fight against avoidable sight loss.