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Contact lenses Dementia Falls CET 4
30 July 2018

Acuity test infographic

Test teaser

AMD Dementia Falls
Dementia CET 1
23 November 2017

Guidance for professional practice - member briefing

Download this member briefing for information on the headline changes to the guidance.

AMD Binocular vision Cataract Children Contact lenses Dementia Dispensing Driving Glaucoma Independent prescribing Low vision Medical retina Myopia Public health
17 May 2017

DOCET - The ageing eye: Communication and the older patient

This programme provides guidance on the challenges in communication that optometrists may face when dealing with older patients.

25 April 2017

PrOVIDe: Prevalence of Visual Impairment in Dementia - member briefing

This College research finds prevalence of visual impairment in those with dementia generally higher than the overall population.

22 February 2017

DOCET - See More: Dementia and optometry

This docu-drama programme explores the condition of dementia and covers the key areas in the management of patients suffering from dementia.

07 February 2017

Adult with early dementia case study

You can discuss this case study in practice as part of your CET. Key questions and sample answers are included.

23 January 2017

Dementia essential reading and learning

Links to useful articles and documents to help you support your patients with dementia.

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